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GBox Midnight 2.1 UART (Serial Connection)

Posted on 27th Jan 2016 08:49:42 in ARM

The GBox Midnight 2.1 Serial Connection.

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Raspberry Pi and La Crosse TX20 Anemometer

Posted on 16th Dec 2016 15:55:30 in Raspberry Pi, ARM

How i connected the La Crosse TX20 Anemometer to my raspberry pi. I had been given a La Crosse weather station but with it not being internet enabled it was not really of much use to me. Enter the IoT why not connect it to a raspberry pi and internet enable it.


TX 20

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Raspberry Pi Resistive Soil Moisture Sensor

Posted on 20th Dec 2016 12:30:27 in Raspberry Pi, ARM

One of the drawbacks of watering the garden on a timer basis is that you inevitably end up watering when you don't need to like after it has rained. This always bugged me as my rain water storage of 2000L would always run out over summer. So anything i can do to water more intelligently and conserve water is a bonus.

Watering the garden based on need, measuring soil moisture to make the watering decisions.

The sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

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