FRITZ!Box 7490 and Fitbit Aria Scales

Posted on 29th Jun 2016 13:33:08 in Network

Updating the FRITZ!Box 7490 to firmware 0.6.52 caused the Fitbit Aria scales to lose their connection with the WIFI router.

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Sliding Gate Installation with Automation

Posted on 28th Jan 2016 19:33:34 in Raspberry Pi

Installing a sliding gate across our driveway, adding automation and internet enabling the gate via a raspberry pi.

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GBox Midnight 2.1 UART (Serial Connection)

Posted on 27th Jan 2016 08:49:42 in ARM

The GBox Midnight 2.1 Serial Connection.

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Lenovo Y700 + Samsung 950 Pro

Posted on 4th Dec 2015 09:23:32 in SSD, NVMe, Laptops

I just received my new Lenovo Y700, First thing was to open it up and install a new Samsung 950 Pro SSD in the available M.2 slot. The advantage of buying without the SSD is you don't end up with the PM951 with terrible write speeds or the CV1 M.2 Series again with not that great write speeds. The 1TB slim HDD is left in place for storage.



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Convert MBR Boot Drive to GPT without data loss

Posted on 20th Nov 2015 14:55:26 in SSD, NVMe

Converting a SSD with the legacy MBR/BIOS partition and boot method to GPT and UEFI without losing data. Why, I'm installing a new Samsung 950 SSD and migrating the data from the existing OCZ Vertex 3 SSD that is configured as MBR. To take advantage of speed of UEFI booting and secondly to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Ultimate.


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